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From October 5, 2018 to January 6, 2019, discover at La Cité du Vin the second temporary exhibition "Guest Wine Region" that transports you to Portugal in the heart of the Upper Douro wine region, inscribed as a cultural landscape in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2001.

Designed and financed by the City of Porto, in collaboration with the Fondation pour la culture et les civilisations du vin, the exhibition « Porto, Douro: an alchemy between air, land and river » seeks to present the contemporary sparkle of a landscape heritage that emphasises the ancestral relationship between man and nature, through a sensitive and multidisciplinary approach. The exhibition curators, Nuno Faria, artistic director of CIAJG (Centro Internacional das Artes de José de Guimarães) and Eglantina Monteiro, anthropologist, seek to express the social and political tensions that crstallize on the same territory: between the viticultural and rural Douro, which also produces dry wine, and Porto, the trading city which is the transit point for Port Wine, also produced in the Douro. Going beyond mere education, the exhibition offers a sensitive and sonorous approach that focuses on time and on space.

During those three months of exhibition, events, tasting tours and workshops come punctuate the life of La Cité du Vin: Porto commented tasting , conference about the Upper Douro, percussion concert on barrels... the exhibition focuses on transmission by modernity to bring light on that heritage.

Temporary exhibition - Full rate
4,00 €
Porto and the treasures of the Douro - Full rate
20,00 €
Porto and the treasures of the Douro - Season ticket holders rate
16,00 €
Guided tour - Invited region (does not include exhbition access ticket) - Full rate
8,00 €
Invited region : Guided tour + Temproray exhibition access - Full rate
12,00 €
Guided tour - Invited region (does not include exhbition access ticket) - Season ticket holders
6,40 €
"Permanent tour + Belvedere " dated ticket - Adult full rate
20,00 €
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